Continuing Education

CODE Impex is certified by the Natural Stone Institute to facilitate continuing education credits. Choose from 8 presentations

which have been developed by committees of industry experts to ensure quality education about natural stone.

Natural Stone 101: Everything you NEED to know about designing with the oldest building material

  1. Obtain a better understanding about how the mineral composition and
    formation of stone affect its performance as a building material.
  2. Learn about the science of each species of stone, examples of how it is
    quarried, unique characteristics, and common applications.
  3. Gain knowledge about stone fabrication and finishing methods.
  4. Understand the resources available that are relevant to natural stone.
  • AIA Course Number: MIA10, 1.0 HSW LU
  • IDCEC: CEU-103265, Subject Code: 5.3, 0.1 HSW CEU
  • LACES Course Number: MIA10
  • NKBA: MIA159R, 0.1 CEU

 The Art of Specifying Natural Stone

  1. Discuss the responsibilities and liabilities of each pillar in the typical construction project.
  2. Review resources to find more information about natural stone standards.
  3. Learn how to plan for the longevity of an installation by specifying appropriate materials.
  4. Evaluate factors specific to the price of different materials, finishes and methods.
  • AIA Course Number: MIA13, 1.0 HSW LU
  • IDCEC: CEU-104505, 0.1 HSW CEU, Subject Code: 6.4
  • LACES Course Number: MIA13, 1.0 HSW/LU
  • NKBA: MIA159R, 0.1 CEU

Introduction to Stone Design II

  1. Explain Stone Testing and Quality Control Methods
  2. Identify Common Applications of Natural Stone — Exterior, Interior, Residential, & Commercial
  3. Learn about Walking Surfaces (Flooring, Stairs, & Thresholds) & Vertical Surfaces (Adhered Systems, Anchored Systems, and Stone Thickness)
  4. Explain Common Considerations Needed for Stone Furniture and Countertops
  • AIA Course Number: MIA02, 1.0 HSW LU
  • IDCEC (ASID, IDC, IDEC, and IIDA) Course Number: CEU-101367, Subject Code: 5.3, 0.1 HSW CEU

Stone Care, What You Should Know

  1. Gain a basic understanding of natural stone and how their chemical composition affects their performance
  2. Analyze different types of natural stone sealers and cleaning products and what to expect from them.
  3. Determine the proper care & maintenance products to use for: flooring, countertop, exterior cladding, or shower applications.
  4. Identify common problems with porous materials.
  • AIA Course Number: MIA08, 1.0 HSW LU
  • IDCEC (ASID, IDC, IDEC, and IIDA) Course Number: CC-102086, Subject Code: 3.1, 0.1 HSW CEU
  • LACES (ASLA, CSLA, CELA, CLARB, LAAB, LAF Course Number: MIA08, 1.0 HSW LU
  • NKBA Course Number: MIA813R , 0.1 CEU

Natural Stone and Green Design

  1. Understanding the characteristics of natural stone and its historical uses
  2. Understanding how natural stone fits into the Green Movement
  3. Understanding how natural stone relates to current green building standards
  4. Understanding how the natural stone industry is reducing environmental impacts
  • AIA Course Number: MIA09, 1.0 HSW LU
  • IDCEC (ASID, IDC, IDEC, and IIDA) Course Number: CEU-102590, Subject Code: 5.20, 0.1 HSW CEU
  • LACES (ASLA, CSLA, CELA, CLARB, LAAB, LAF) Course Number: MIA09, 1.0 HSW LU
  • GBCI Course Number: 0090010893, 1 CE Hour
  • NKBA Course Number: MIA013R, 0.1 CEU

Natural Stone Tile: An Overview

  1. Understand the basic stone types and methods of formation
  2. Gain an understanding of the key aspects of Stone Tile Specification as introduced in the 2011-12 TCNA Handbook, ANSI A 108/A118, and the MIA Dimension Stone Design Manual 7.2
  3. Understand how the intricacies of Stone Tile Installation can impact your project
  4. Learn key differences between the installation of Stone Tile and Ceramic/Porcelain Tile
  • AIA Course Number: MIA07, 1.0 HSW LU
  • IDCEC (ASID, IDC, IDEC, and IIDA) Course Number: CEU-101364, Subject Code: 5.8, 0.1 HSW CEU
  • LACES (ASLA, CSLA, CELA, CLARB, LAAB, LAF) Course Number: MIA07 / 1.0 HSW LU
  • NKBA Course Number: MIA713R, 0.1 CEU

Marble Use in the Kitchen

  1. Learn more about the increasing trend of marble use in the kitchen.
  2. Obtain unique design elements of using marble for a countertop surface.
  3. Expand your ability to set the proper consumer expectation.
  • AIA Course Number: MIA03, 1.0 HSW/LU
  • IDCEC (ASID, IDC, IDEC, and IIDA) Course Number: CEU- 101368, Subject Code: 2.3, 0.1 General CEU
  • NKBA: MIA313R , 0.1 CEU

Basics of Travertine Selection, Fabrication, Installation, & Maintenance

  1. Learn about the travertine selection process and how to identify quality material.
  2. Obtain information on travertine uses and limitations in both interior and exterior settings.
  3. Gain an understanding about how travertine is fabricated and installed.
  4. Learn about how to maintain and care for travertine after it has been installed.
  • AIA Course Number: MIA05, 1.0 HSW/LU
  • IDCEC (ASID, IDC, IDEC, and IIDA) Course Number: CEU-101636, Subject Code: 5.3 , 0.1 HSW CEU
  • LACES (ASLA, CSLA, CELA, CLARB, LAAB, LAF) Course Number: MIA05, 1.0 HSW/LU
  • NKBA Course Number: MIA613R, 0.1 CEU

 CEU Credits Available Though:

  • The American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC)
    • American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
    • Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC)
    • International Interior Design Association (IIDA)
    • Interior Designers of Canada (IDC)
  • Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI)
    • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)
    • Performance Excellence in Energy Renewal (PEER)
    • International Well Building Institute (WELL)
    • Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES)
    • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)
  • Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LACES)
    • American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
    • Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA)
    • Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA)
    • The Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB)
    • Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB)
    • Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF)
  • National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA)
    • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)



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